Wednesday, July 29, 2009

52 Week challenge maz

My most fascinating knit ever. Finished. I am so glad to have opened my secret treasure chest for the yarn. Would you believe that they even fit?
For a long time now I wanted to do those socks inspired by a turkish pattern and knit toe-up the very special way they establish the toe and foot.
If you knit such a dense texture at 10 sts per inch in stranded knitting they are going to be warm and insulating. Therefore I wanted to have them longer on the leg. They will be my "winter couch potatoe luxury footwear".
As my heel-instep-width is rather big the fear was they wouldn´t fit in the end because of a longer leg. Examples I found in blogs and forums didn´t show legs as long. So no helping idea there.
The sole shows a pattern we all are familiar with but which is also one of many traditional patterns used with such socks. Obviously I would never have been able to make them pass over my ankles and therefore left the original form and added my heel, but added black rows to have a visual end on the sole/heel part.
The cuff ends in two wide tucks that repeat the tucks at the side "seams" that I thought to give an additional touch to it.
Used about 550 -600 yards. Am very happy, even a bit proud of finally facing that task.


Robynn's Ravings said...

Those should be in a museum. They are too gorgeous!! I could be locked in a room for 80 years with skeins and skeins of yarn and only manage to strangle myself. You amaze me to be able to create such wonder!

Thanks for following and for your lovely comments. You are truly a woman after my own heart. I was actually pretty alert and wouldn't have driven otherwise. And HOO-rah for you for not vacuuming. If you should once again become able to do so, tell no one, only me. And your secret is safe here! :)

adrienne said...

absolutely beautiful! your lucky feet!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

I agree with Adrienne. Die Socken sind fabelhaft!

maz said...

Hallo Bianca, du kannst wohl wirklich noch gut deutsch :-) Nur zu!
Thank you again for your kind words.

peacockmom said...

WOW!!!!!!!! These are so impressive and lovely to look at. They look like they belong on the cover of a book on socks as art. Very inspiring, Maz. :)

kadezmom said...


simply amazing.

jdhforjc said...

Wow (jaw dropped to the floor!) Can you tell us where your secret treasure chest is too?

maz said...

Sure: Swim across that big pond to the Netherlands, crawl on that beach, smile, ask for french fries (they and the Belgians do the best), regain power and bike to Germany, following the Rhine, then stray a bit aside and come to my home. There it is, my yarnaholics stash, insulating my home (this is the economically defendable issue :-) for having so much yarn for so many lives around me) along with a trousseau of things of my grandmother showing any technique some clever designers of today call their innovation as something our foremothers were very well used to do. Our ancestors could do quite a lot of things, and they often did it on incredibly tiny needles in incredibly fine yarns. They are the masters I bow to.
Come over, let´s chat!
But keep in mind that you risk your life if you talk about my messy household capabilities.

debi's place said...

Wow!! Love them.

Cathy said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Brenda said...

Fantastic, Is the pattern from The Simply Socks book? I love all the pattern in Anna's Book. Your work is beautiful, wear them with pride.


maz said...

Yes, that book is so intriguing!!! I used the leg motif from no. 44. There are more patterns in it... The socks shown actually must be very small and I wonder which feet they fit on, but they all look so gorgeous. Going after the pics in the book you would knit them to a size where your toes don´t reach the sock toe triangle and where the heel doesn´t fit snugly into the sock. I like a snug fit and had to modify much and now am happy that they pass my ankle and fit.

Brenda said...

Yes you definately have to play with sizing with these. I have used the patterns in mittens, sweater panels and such, but have only done a couple of patterns in actual socks. They are fun to play with.