Sunday, July 26, 2009

Girasole progress

My 8 weeks of asthma finally calmed down enough to let me work on this alpaca (allergy to it) blanket that I started a few months ago. I was concerned about how to do the edging, but once I ignored the chart and just followed the word instructions it was easy. All the other charts were excellent and I zipped through this project. I'm using the 8 ply natural fawn colored yarn from our friend's alpaca farm, "Quanden Springs". I love knitting with this yarn and can hardly wait to block the blanket. It has been great to have on my lap during the winter here. The pic doesn't do it justice, but I couldn't wait to show you my break from socks for a while. I do plan to finish the green Bamboo pair for August. :)


kadezmom said...

What a horrible thing, to be allergic to alpaca. I'm sending you a virtual mask! It's beautiful...just not sure it's worth the pain in the chest. (cos I worry for you)

peacockmom said...

Thanks for the good thoughts. I had stopped using the preventive medicine (Symbicort turbo inhaler)which I really need to use twice a day forever (and will). It allows me to live in the forest with all the molds and use alpaca as long as I use the meds. But when I didn't, I had to play "catch up" and was nearly hospitalized with severe asthma. I've learned my lesson and will not put myself in that position again. I hadn't realized it and began the blanket with the alpaca when I had stopped the med and the winds were blowing up the mold spores. Learned that lesson and won't forget it. "No worries" as they say here. :)

maz said...

How big will this blanket be? Is it big enough to hold a big girl like me warm? I am inclined to use the pattern or make up something similar. It looks so good.
As to asthma, we share this as we do share the inhaler thing. Been there, never want to again.

peacockmom said...

I just measured it for you a day after coming off the needles and relaxed = 50" across. It will stretch out quite a bit when blocked and I'm waiting for houseguest to depart so I can use that room and extend a table somehow still to be figured out for blocking. The queen sized bed is too small to use. The pattern says 72" for the blanket.
I love this pattern and think you will enjoy making it.
I'd rather share your incredible knitting talent than asthma, but am glad you also use the preventive meds and will avoid another bout with the dreaded breathing problems. Never again!

peacockmom said...

Hi Again, Maz,
I forgot to tell you that I dropped some stitches in the beginning of the last repeat of chart G, so ended up not knitting it due to frustration and realizing it was large enough. I did knit one additional round of plain knit sts to make sure I had 16 sts between the markers. I'm glad I did because I had to increase in a few spots and they were needed to make the edging come out correctly. This will be plenty large enough for anyone to keep warm. Looking forward to seeing yours! :)