Monday, July 27, 2009

Poof....July is almost gone

Here July is almost over and I have not knitted a pair of socks this month. But I have been knitting.

I will try to go in order of finishing items. First off were a pair of clogs for my DIL's grandma. I so enjoyed her that I just knew I needed to knit her a pair. My dil showed hers off and the family loved them. So I did these as fast as I could. I finished them in 2 days. I can not show pictures of them felted as they are shipped to Wisconsin.

Here they are completed as far as I could do it.

The shawl bug bit me hard this month. I was so very lucky to get to test knit this shawl. I used a cone of yarn that I had had for many many years. I did not know how it would look but thought I would use it anyways. I love it.
Here those beginning rows that go oh so quickly.

Then here is my Sweet Tango Shawl all done and pretty. Have I said I love it. I am so happy with how it turned out.
In here should be 2 more shawls that I have started but later I will show them.

So I went on a road trip this past weekend. I brought some cotton and a crochet hook. I just played and this bag was born. Lucky I remembered to take a picture before I completed it.

I also started this bag. Which if you look closely at the crochet hook. I attended the NW Needle Market this past weekend close to Seattle. Wow many new fall yarns were shown. Oh my what fun. A new lace yarn that is coming out is oh oh oh. My lys did order it as I loved it so much. Visited with Cat Bordhi. Together we chatted about knitting socks and shawls out of the new yarn. She was a lot of fun.

Oh so back to the crochet hook. Rooms and Rooms filled with yarn.. What did I buy? A crochet hook. I have never owned a fancy hook. So this is a new one that Lantern Moon is coming out with. I had to play with it. So I made another bag.

Then the 2 bags together. I finished both of them up today. Then after completing them. I got the chance to test knit a hat. Here is the start on my clivia plant. It had 4 clusters of blooms this year. Was really pretty.
A few hours later and in 90degree weather I finished this hat. I do not care for pompoms so I made this one big. I thought a wool hat needed to have its picture taken by corn stalks. Most fallish I could do. If you look close you can see my Christmas snowflakes that are solar lights. I keep them up year around. When it is not Christmas I call them flowers.


kadezmom said...

Debi - i don't even know where to start commenting!!!!! Love it. That'd be a summary and I'm off to go find that shawl pattern to queue it.....and now you have me thinking about more bags. No rest for the weary fingers!

Brenda said...

Oh My Gosh, I love that Shawl!!!
It is just beautiful Debi.


peacockmom said...

WOW! Beautiful shawl which makes me want to start one right now. Since I have yarn and patterns for several, and really don't need any living here in the forest with kangaroos, do you think that will stop me? :)
Regarding the clivia plant: we had dozens in CA and loved them. If you use a knitting needle to skewer the root area next to the main plant, it will send up more babies the following year. Do this in about 3 or 4 places with about a 4mm needle.

maz said...

Well, no socks so far, but knitting you did some, LOL. It´s quite a list of things, and beautiful!

debi's place said...

Thanks a bunch. The shawl was a pleasure to knit.

Thanks also for another use for knitting needles. Love it gonna go use them now.