Friday, July 31, 2009

52 Week Challenge, Almost

Last minute as always, and rats. about 25 yards shy (hence the "Almost, in the title). Oh well, it is what it is (or they are what they are), knit with Panda Jet Black, which is really a yummy midnight blue.


adrienne said...


as long as the leg of your sock is at least 4" long from the start of the cuff to the heel flap, they do count regardless of the yardage.

just let me know if yours are long enough for credit.

adrienne said...

you should get credit just for knitting black socks. been there, done that...and it is not easy...BORING! and hard to see too.

mtannie said...

Well, you know me, short-row heel always, lol, but measuring from the top of the cuff to the first short-row, the leg measures 6.25". As for boring, not the Panda Jet black; it is more of a gorgeous midnight blue, the color of night sky that really makes the stars jump out at you. I want to find some more if it still looks the same (this was the original Panda wool/bamboo) and knit socks with some starry-colored beads added. It really has good depth to it; yummy!

kadezmom said...

"black socks, they never get dirty, the more you wear them, the blacker they get" One of my old fav gs ditties.