Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cuddles and Hugs Baby Blanket

I was at the lys and saw this yarn. I fell for it as it was so pretty. The colors in the start picture are not very good. Well rotten for that matter. But, I wanted to play with this yarn so I decided to create a baby blanket. I used 3 skeins at 293 yards a skein. Took a few cast ons to figure out how many stitches to use.
I had a bit of yarn left over so made a hat to match. I so love this blanket. It is hard to capture the colors. Hat looks a bit funny as I used some yarn to attach it to the blanket. It is not loose threads laying on it. I am not a real fan of pom poms so I did an i-cord knot at the top.

Then here because the first one's colors did not show very well...I did what most knitters do???? I casted on a second blanket in another color.Yes Adrienne I am writing up the pattern. Should be ready before you knit a "PAIR" of socks.


kadezmom said...

What a pretty pattern. It's look good in socks too *wink*

adrienne said...

hey, kadezmom! you are GOOD! debi owes me royalties now! LOL!

peacockmom said...

Lovely blankie and hat. I should be knitting one for my friend's second grandchild due in October. But for some funny reason, the socks keep pushing all other knitting aside. Strange, eh? :)