Saturday, September 12, 2009

Two! Two mystery socks that don't fit! Ah ah ah!

Well I finished my mystery socks! They are too big, but since they are my first pair of socks, I forgive them. I think I will run some elastic through the cuff to help hold them up.

One is being (poorly) blocked on my ghetto hanger blocker, and the other is dry already. I'll probably pull the wet one in to shape more as it dries.

I used Knit Picks palette, and the colorway is "Orange". Real original, I know, but it works! The beads are size 6/0 Dyna-mites, square holed, silver lined, orange rainbow.


kadezmom said...

I do that all the time....or more often, I have two socks two different matter how many times I measure, it's always a shock (and I don't count rows, nor do I plan on learning)

Are they too big or too small?

Calophi said...

Oh, they're the same size. They just are too big. :)