Tuesday, September 8, 2009

first sock finished

I made a boo boo reading the instructions and didn't do enough of the 4 row pattern, so had a bit more of the plain knitting than I should. So I decided to put a heart which I'll see when my feet are up knitting by the fire which represents this whole experience. I will knit another pair the correct way very soon. The second sock is almost finished. :) Razzle is happy that he will get a bit more attention now that this is off the needles.


Cathy said...

Love the heart on the toe! And Razzle is cute too! My dog always tries to get into knitting photos too. :-)

jdhforjc said...

Same with my cat. I like the name too. Is it after the gum/candy? Boy, breinging back memories of that item from my past. Do they still make Razzles?

peacockmom said...

Razzle is a rescue dog who came with the name Rastus ("s" is pronounced like a z in Oz) and I couldn't stand the name. We wanted to have a name close to his nickname that he had for his first 6 years and thought Razzle Dazzle would suit him perfectly. He is our joy and our 12th corgi since 1970 when we got our first. Fabulous dogs.