Monday, January 25, 2010

Clap your hands...LOL!

and that is not a problem... Wristwarmers are done in Panda Silk, colour 5110.

To tease Adrienne... the progress picture.
1 ball was used to make these - the hands were an idea from Steven. He made them last summer for me.

This is my CPY project for January - I still have time to do a pair of socks to meet the required yardage.
Update: The ear infection is still not entirely gone - I have to go to the hospital next week to visit the specialist.


Calophi said...

Did you make those mitten blockers? What an awesome idea!

adrienne said...

wahhh!!! mommy, she's picking on me!! =(

hope that they get your infection GONE! does not sound like fun at all!