Sunday, January 24, 2010

My January Knitting

I finished something this month. This pair of socks are called Angee from Cookie A.'s book. Love this pattern and the yarn knit like a dream form Wool Candy, her Meringue Merino, Cerises.

Well on to the next pair and see what else I can get done this month.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.


adrienne said...

hi bev,

we need a progress picture, please.

they are beautiful and i would love for them to count!

do you want my mailing address?!

Bev said...

does that mean you want them

adrienne said...

yep! and your stash TOO!

Bev said...

my stash too I don't think i can find a box big enough you'll have to come and get it

debi's place said...

She asked me where you live. Watch out Bev.

To save Adrienne the time I will just come over and look/steal it.

adrienne said...

yes! it's a plan! me some! ME some!!!!!