Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CPY Project for January - Brenda (Owlsrook)

In progress photo of my CPY Project for January - These are going to be a pair of
Lace Socks from the Knitting Vintage Socks book, they are a Child's lace pattern that I have just upsized to Ladies Medium size - the Yarn is "Panda Wool" and the color is "Bluebell". I love, love this yarn. It is so soft to knit with. This is the first time I have used Panda Wool, but it sure won't be the last.

I ordered my CPY yarns from Little Knits, and they arrived on Friday, so I had a hard time deciding which one to try first. I ordered several different Mini Mochi colors and several Panda Wool colors, so looking forward to knitting them all now.

Brenda in Alberta
Owlsrook on Ravelry


jaerrt said...

I love the colour! How much did they charge you for shipping (if you don't mind telling). I would love to order some CPY, but have found the shipping more than the wool sometimes!

drlaura said...

that stitch is working up beautifully! congrats!

Brenda said...

To answer the question on shipping costs - My order was $180.00 and my shipping was $25.25 U.S. Dollars.


peacockmom said...

Great combination of beautiful sock pattern AND yarn color. I think I need to get some of this yarn, too. :)

adrienne said...

wow! you did some major stocking up there!!!!!!