Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shelly's January....not as planned.

Well, I cast on several socks for various reasons New Year's Eve and New Year's Day....then life happened. Don't you just love that? I'm in an intensive 10 week set of classes, and it has OVERTAKEN my life. However, the folks looking at etsy have been good to me, and I needed to replenish my stock, so in the name of some egg moeny, I've been crocheting mop covers instead. What's that about the best laid plans of mice and men? AH....well. These are my January enteries. I hope to be back with socks SOON. It's January in Minnesota, and I need more wool socks!!!!! LOL. I guess I could buy some....NEVER! :) Let me know if these don't qualify, then I'll burn some 4am oil *wink*

I used (figured by weight) 522 yards of cotton on a cone. Have a great week all!

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