Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Hayrick socks finished + 1 Rainbow sock

Anne Hanson's sock pattern called Hayrick using yarn I had in my stash that I dyed with Landscape dye "saltmarsh". 97 gms used for size large. I used a traditional heel flap (from Anne's "sock pattern to end all sock patterns") instead of the short row heel in the pattern and Fred requested a plain foot instead of the pattern for comfort. He wanted to wear them this weekend at a course he's teaching so I stopped work on the Rainbow socks (Adrienne Fong's great pattern) for me and finished his. Now it will fun to finish the Rainbow Over Lahaina sock. I've taken a pic of the one that is finished from the side as well as the front. Love the pattern and am really enjoying using this yarn. It makes a wonderful fabric and stretches a bit thanks to some elastic in the yarn. I had 3 gms left from the 50 gm ball for this first sock. I changed from a regular toe to a 6 pointed star toe because it fits me much better. I also used decreasing needle sizes from the cuff to the heel and it fits great. I'll finish the 2nd sock soon and then do the Amerika yarn in the same pattern (correct size and first 5 rows not omitted this time). :)

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