Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Finish

Finished socks! Yarn is Prism Saki and Froehliche Wolle Blauband. Men's size 14 wide. Saki had 430 yds and then I used about 100 yds of Blauband.

Socks in progress
Motley Jesters made from leftovers and beads. So far there are 5 yarns in the sock. I may need more for the foot.

Scarf started
As a Guild Holiday gift, I received two balls of Noro Matsuri, a Cotton Wool blend. It will become a Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf. Yes, those are glass knitting needles.


adrienne said...

glass needles? how interesting. have you used them before? they look slippery.

and men's size 14 wide?! you have my deepest sympathies. really... your son is lucky you love him enough!

Lorraine said...

Glass needles are a little slippery, but not more than Addis.