Saturday, January 2, 2010


MMarioKKnits (also known as M2K2)and MMKKMMystery are both groups on The first has a lot of patterns, charted and written out. Some of the patterns have been knit, some haven't. In a way it's a big group of test knitters. The second is the KAL.

Designer page on Ravelry - MMario
and Rav fan page - mmario-fan-knitics

One of these days I plan to knit the Spanish Armada shawl.

If I remember correctly, I first came across MMario in the Ravelry newsletter/groups in the spotlight section. The group was mentioned together with lace and Dragonriders of Pern, so I just had to find out what that was about.


peacockmom said...

So glad you gave us these details. I have wanted to knit wedding peacock shawl or Spanish Armada for quite a while now. Beautiful lace patterns. Just what I need to knit living here in a forest, right? LOL

Adrienne will laugh about me even considering this since I messed up her sock pattern and had to frog the first project for 2010 and begin another one. Challenges are good for the brain...

adrienne said...

thanks, radka. i belong to m2k2 but haven't been keeping up to see that he has started a mystery group. have joined up. that shawl looks mighty interesting!

do i need another project? like a hole in the comment from the debi peanut gallery! =/. she doesn't need another hole in the head either. LOL!

Radka said...

you're both welcome. the more the merrier, right? LOL