Thursday, August 5, 2010

dog days of summer ufo kal rules

dog days of summer ufo kal will start june 5, 2010 and will end august 5, 2010.

rules will be simple.
1. post a picture of your ufo in current condition. would prefer projects which are not more than 2/3 completed.
2. post a picture of your finished ufo.
3. no ufo? no problem. just post a progress picture of your new project. post a picture of your finished project.
4. label your posts with "dog days kal."
5. no double dipping with 12m/12p/12boy kal.

anyone else want to play? leave a comment! =D

7/20/10 eta that i am too lazy to repost on sidebar so am "tacking" this post to the top of the blog. my BAD!!!!


kadezmom said...

I'm not sure what I'm more daunted by....digging up the camera and DOCUMENTING to the PUBLIC what I have going on over here, or FACING the UFO pile in all of it's (ahem) GLORY!

Lorraine said...

I have a jacket body and one sleeve. That sounds like it's almost done, but there are lace bands on all edges and a lace collar. It's a knit version of a sewing pattern.

adrienne said...

i can totally empathize with you. i have never collected all my one socks together as i am the "queen of de-nial." i don't think i really want to know! LOL!

jdhforjc said...

Hi, gonna finish those "Cool Beans" socks!

MLJ1954 said...

I cleaned my office (yes, my office at work) and took home a large (very large) bag of yarn. Sigh. I did keep the UFOs here. They are in a bowl on my desk. I am sure my co-workers wonder about my decor.

Count me in on this one. I just have decided which one (two or three or four) I can complete this time. Or maybe I should finish the present for a friend's birthday (it was yesterday). Sigh.