Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where did time ago?

Dang another month slipped away. Being in a few days I am gonna be a Grandma I thought I should make a few more items. Then my daughters friend is also gonna have a little one. So baby booties and hats mode I went to.

My son asked if I could make a pair of camo booties for Carter (yes, my grandson's name). Gee ask and it will happen.
But then had to make a pair for the other baby also. Every male that has seen the camo booties turns to mush. I highly recommend making them to please the males. My son is taking the Camo booties to the hospital.

This was the beginning of the booties. I played with some CPY I happen to have here. The brown is Bunny Hop, the black is Puffin. Both worked up really nice in these. Yes, again made more than one pair from a skein of yarn.

Finally finished a baby blanket that I started wow way back in maybe March. This blanket took many trips with me. It was what I grabbed most times leaving the house. Including 2 trips to Calif.

Here Aran and Lace Baby Blanket is complete. Oh and more booties and hats. Again a camo to make my son happy.
Some items made the future parents came over and took the items home with them before I could snap a photo. Silly kids.

Oh and in case one did not hear....Carter will be born in a few days, so I guess I can make more stuff.

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peacockmom said...

Lucky baby to have you as a grandmother! Congrats and best wishes to all of the family for a lifetime of happiness, good health and joy.