Thursday, August 5, 2010


i was determined to finish spitzbergen for the dogs days of summer ufo kal. i did procrastinate on the photos too. LOL! will need to take better ones later.

middle of clue 4 of 6

here it is finished and blocked

and all those white looking dots are beads.

i totally do NOT know how to get photos off of the new flickr format. i give up.

adrienne with 3 stealth projects are needing to be done by the end of august. one down, two to go.


debi's place said...

Might match my dress. Send it to me and I will check.

Good luck with the one down,bit.

Angie K said...

Absolutely gorgeous Adrienne!!

peacockmom said...

Beautiful and inspires me to finish mine. Good luck with the other two. :)