Monday, August 2, 2010

July Project

Knitpicks Dancing, size 0 needles, 68 stitches. Farbe 23587, Partie 61880. Used up 504 yards. Would have had another yard, but the cat ate the yarn again - not because he liked this type (he's never chewed cotton before) but because I moved him off the book I was using. Pattern mainly Cat Bordhi's Upstream socks.
I know, I said I was not doing socks this time. And I am not responsible for the color - if you remember, I wrote that husband did not want more socks. I was boxing some yarn to send to a new home, and husband grabbed these balls out. He said, "These don't feel like wool. Why are you getting rid of them?" Answer: because they are cotton and you picked them, and I won't wear them. Response: Gee, these would be nice socks. Me: Do you want another pair. Well, you can guess the answer, and he wanted them as long as possible. So here they are.
Next month, something different for sure - I'm stuck with jury duty and they do not allow knitting needles (or crochet hooks, or needles). So, since the previous washcloth stash went to a fund raiser for animals, I'll take in dishcloth cotton and chopsticks. I'll also take in some pencils, so if they confiscate the chopsticks, I'll use the pencils. If they take the pencils, they better take every pencil from everyone, or I'm raising a fuss. So if you don't hear from me next month, see if a 60+ woman in Milwaukee has gone to jail for disturbing the jury duty peace.

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