Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Project - Socks again

Okay, I know I said it would not be socks again this month, but . . .

Karma has occurred - four previous times I was called to jury duty and four times I was picked for a jury. Figured this time would be the same. Instead, I was only there for four hours, then dismissed totally. Wow! I had just pulled out the dishcloths, after a lady sitting next to me had pulled out a scarf, on real knitting needles - she was a lot more daring than I was. So it was back to knitting during transportation.

Then one of my son's friends requested some socks for hunting season here in Wisconsin. He is also going to do some minor plumbing repairs for us, so - priorities changed. Here are his socks. Again, size 0 needles, using Froehlich Wolle, Blauband MaxiRinge, color 7703, toe up. Hopefully he will like them. Color is closer to the in-progress scan than the photo. Son is home, so finished shot is from the camera. Think we may need to have a discussion about artistic presentation (they are plopped on the bed here). Probably still better than the jammed-on-a-scanner shots I usually post. I had suggested that he put them on his feet - you would have thought I had suggested cannibalism. Sigh.

Still need to build up the dishcloth stash. Maybe next month. Regards to all.

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