Friday, December 31, 2010

December Project Take 2

Hat WIP Pic
Hat finished. 1st mitten started.

Hat and 1st mitten finished. About to CO for mitten #2.
So, I thought I had finished my december project, but I was mistaken about the yardage. Sooooo, the only thing on my needles was a hat. Decided quickley that I would finishe hat and make matching mittens in 24 hours to finish on time. It is the Amanda Hat in Malabrigo worsted and mittens (improvised by me) to match. It is 9am and I am finished Hat and Mitten #1. The hat weighs 65gms and the mitten 48 gm, so if my calculations are correct, byt the time the second finished mitten is done, the total weight will be 160gm, which is just over 300yrds. I'll have sore fingers and wrists, ut I'll finish the KAL and have a beautiful Hat and mitts to show for it!
Off to knit......
Jill (jaerrt)

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