Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Holiday Knitting

#1 Stocking and Mittens

The stocking is for my great grandson. It's #28 in th4 family series. I used worsted weight acrylic, knit on #5 needles. It used about 185 yards. I also knit 2 pairs of mittens for grandkids, totaling about 150 yds for both pairs. Worsted weight wool knit on #4 needles.

I showed a progress picture for the stocking, The mittens went too fast. Also, it's winter here and the light is not good.
Project #2

I thought I showed progress photos for this one, but here they are. The pattern was an Advent gift by Stephanie van der Linden. It's part of her Advent calendar.

This was my first time doing TAAT. It worked well for the legs, but the feet decrease on the top of the foot, while increasing on the bottom. I finally gave up and used 2 circulars per sock.

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adrienne said...

speedy so you were, unfortunately, the advent socks will not count for the holiday kal as knitting needed to be done by dec. 15th. you just had extra days to get the projects posted. =(