Friday, December 3, 2010

November 12/12/12

I hope it isn't too late! I did so much stuff in November and then I completely forgot to put them up here. -_-

I couldn't even tell you what my total yardage is, but the blue scarf alone was over 300 yards of crochet, so I know I used well over the minimum amount.

I'm too lazy to separate things out for the Holiday Kal, too. Heh. I don't feel like figuring out yardage right now to make sure I meet requirements for the 12/12/12 before splitting the rest off.

First I did Quirky Scarf from Crochet World 08/10 edition as a gift for my mom.

I still had yarn so I also made her Caron's Tri-Color Cloche with some modifications to make it more bucket-y.

Made a Trogdor doll for my boss! The original pattern doesn't have teeth. I think I'm going to have to add some. Probably out of felt.

Made a Luna Lovegood scarf for my MIL. I didn't like either of the two patterns out for it so I modified it pretty good. I'll be putting up the pattern after Christmas, since I have to make 3 more of these and they all follow my blog. =D Neither picture has an accurate color. The finished one is closer but the color is a bit darker than that. Also I think I'm going to have to block it.

And finally I knit a Hermione hat for my Grandma. She saw mine the other day and said she wanted one just like it. =D

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