Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Project - 2011 PrimeTime

Here is a pair of socks. Yarn was Super Socks Color, color 28, from stash. I had started out the month trying to use the lovely balls of Mochi Plus that you sent, but it really did not want to be socks on size 0 needles. It is such a lovely color - turquoise shading to cobalt - and is so soft, that I want to make something that will be really used, by ME! I then was going to play with needles and pattern till I got a satisfactory sock, but life intervened.

We had not done our annual visit to Peter's mother, as I had to work between Christmas and New Year, just before retiring. We were going to try and wait till the next school break, as his job has no benefits, such as vacation. After a flurry of phone calls, we ended up going to Canada mid-month. I grabbed a yarn that was a nice soothing color to work on during the trip, and we went off to visit her. This year, she did not throw us out of the nursing home. In fact, she could not even talk by the time we got there. We sat with her for three days (it's two days travel each way, and Peter could only get off for a week). We last visited her Saturday and left around noon. His brother was due to arrive on Monday. She died a little after midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning. At almost 91, it's not a surprise, but it still shook them.
So these are essentially deathwatch socks. I'm going to need to find a home for them, but they may already be rehomed. We stopped by to visit his cousin, aunt, and assorted second cousins, and they were fascinated by watching the sock grow. If they soften up after their wash, they will be going to his aunt - and I still have a request for his cousin and her daughter. Looks like it may be a while till I get back to the Mochi, as they are NOT going anywhere else.
Regards to all, and hope everyone is staying warm. From frozen Milwaukee, and about two feet of snow all at once, aj