Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There is another mediocre pic for you. A sock design of Cindy Craig from the book Outside the Sox. I rarely knit socks from other designers and I rarely do more than one sock of the same design but I found this one to be simple and well structured. Absolutely right for the ME KAL. Watch out, there will be a pair of them soon.
BTW, would the rules allow for making a "pair" by using two different designs but from the same ball of yarn? I do this all the time as I think there isn´t time enough for all ideas and so far nobody ever noticed that I wear two different socks.


adrienne said...

a pair needs to be of the same sock. otherwise, "someone else"{no names mentioned -cough) might announce that she "always wears unmatched socks"(as in pattern and color) all the time. you don't want to see some of those "pairs!" LOL!

maz said...

But yes, I do want to see some evidence!