Thursday, February 3, 2011

a tiny bit about me :)

I want to thank peacockmom for getting me involved in this blog. I have a rule right now that I have to finish a project before I start a new one. I have such a back log of "finishing" that I should be able to complete the Prime Time event and zero out the inventory by pairing a new project with an old project :) in the mean time I made these two baby crocs to replace the ones that have inexplicably found their way into other peoples lives and offices. Apparently nothing says "come right on in" like a pair of baby crocodiles chewing the power cords on your desk. (it's a location thing crocs vs gators....) There are 6 total, only two qualify by the rules of this KAL, and they miss the yardage rule by quite a bit, I got the first 5 out of one ball of Loops and Theads "Carisma" (109 yds) Green and barely a dent in the red :D.
I intend to knit a whole family of crocs in different weights both larger and smaller, at 25-30 yards each that's 12 so well see how it goes between now and the end of the KAL.

The pattern is from Anna Hrachovic's Mochimochi Land Blog - Baby Gators the patterns is a free release from her book Knitting Mochimochi. There is a kind of involved story that goes with how I met peacockmom via Ravelry, Anna featured her story on her blog here my part was to sit on the side lines and cheer her on. so to new friends, silly projects and some new goals for the new year.



adrienne said...

those are sooooooooo funny! LOL!

maz said...

A happy welcome to you! Crocs are way funnier than socks. Looking forward to your opus :-).
Thank you to peacockmom to get you on board.