Friday, February 4, 2011

totaly periwinkle bed jacket

Wow. I think I made it. I have lots of excuses - like it rained a lot in January and I live in Jeddah KSA and tropical storms here are kind of like snow in Seattle... they should know what to do but it only happens for 2 weeks every year or so so everyone forgets? anyway it flooded badly and I got distracted and forgot to take more progress photos. I hope the first 3 rows and the blocking shots count :P

This is a sweater that I made for myself, I spotted the yarn at a local shop 2 years ago and didn't buy it. I for some reason was on a "buy no more yarn" hiatus all of last year (summers don't count because I'm traveling and it's so hard to resist LYS's) and then I happened to be at a shop across from it and spotted it... twinkling at me in all it's mohair sequined loveliness. Not my normal yarn. Not my normal color.

Clearly it needed to be a lacy bed jacket type of thing, that was fitted not over-sized. preferably with minimal sewing up. because I seem to have a problem with that. So I mashed up two Garn Studio Patterns: Mostly 107-9 with some details from another yoked neck sweater, basicly the rib in place of the plain knit sections. omitted the bell rib at the bottom bleah. and chopped off the sleeves. I was going to do 3/4 but decided to go with normal 1/2 sleeves. I used a total of 4.2 balls at 120 yards each: Yarn Arts Kid Mohair - Confetti.

cheers, Kate


JudyG said...

very pretty!!

tvanwormer said...

You knit the way I do -- mish mash patterns until they become what you want!! -- love the jacket!!

glumnmum said...

thanks. I was a little scared that the sequins would scratch but they don't :)