Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knit with the Palace

Hi, here is my first KWTP project. It is the Neck Cozy on the Crystal Palace site using the Leaves and Sprouts Chunky Mochi. I was trying to knit a project with smaller yarn. But, it wasn't gonna happen! I really like it and it was super fast. (I almost forgot to take a progress picture! (I promptly sent it off to a friend as a gift.) I can't wait to make one for me since the weather still fits wearing them. I have one more to post but, my daughter is sick and I need to get her a doctor's apt. today before they fill up.

project- Neck Cozy

needles- 13

yarn- Crystal Palace Yarns Chunky Mochi-leaves and sprouts

start- 5-20-11


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