Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prime TIme KAL May 2011

Second baby sweater, same pattern as the first, but this time in Misty Greens. Pattern was changed slightly, as you can see from sleeves - did them in the round since I do not like seaming.

Got him to pose with his gorilla this time, but he said it was too hot for socks. You can probably see why he can wear whatever wild color he wants - that's 250 p0unds of truck driver. LOL.

Tried to have the buttons show in this shot, but it did not work. There are three little buttons at the top (which were not listed in the pattern, sigh). Used the same buttons for both sweaters. They are a pearly white. Hope the kids do not chew them off.

This month was supposed to be the double sided mittens, and this sweater was going to be for June. Unfortunately, that did not work out. Got a phone call with a weak little voice saying, "AJ, I need you." My mother - AJ: mom, I was going to come down at the end of next week. Her: I need you now. That was Monday night. Tuesday, I ran around trying to get everything together for a stay of unknown duration, and frantically packing. Wednesday, I took off. False alarm - "I just wanted to see you." GRRR! And to boot, I packed so fast, not only did I leave the mitten yarn here, but I put in two pair of my favorite socks, which did not come back with me. The knitting bag did not make it back, either. At least she could not fit into the sweater, nor did she have a doll that size. Told my brother (who lives with her) that next time, I need to get the emergency confirmed from him before I come dashing 700 miles. He didn't even know she had called. Ah, well, it still was better than the visit with MIL.

Hope everyone is doing well. aj

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