Friday, June 3, 2011

Primetime KAL

Here is a better photo of my ʻĀnuenue Hitchhiker. I started it June 1st after seeing
Peacockmom's fabulous Hitchhiker. I decided I simply must have one for myself.

I'm up to about 11 teeth now, and it's really going pretty well. There was a weird bit of purple fuzz in the middle of another color, but I just left it and am considering it a design element. I could've done a spit splice to avoid it, but didn't want to bother.


adrienne said...

that looks like it will be lovely, unfortunately, the kwtp kal ended may 31st.

i will add you to the prime time kal if you want. we do have random prize drawings during the year.

peacockmom said...

Lovely for sure! I need to make another one for myself in the 42 point size. Just finished Lisa's purple one and would love to keep it now. LOL Blocking now and I'll post soon for my June project. :)

Which colorway is this mini mochi? Tapestry rainbow? Sure is a pretty one.

Mokihana said...

Yes, please add me to the Primetime KAL. Thank you!

The colorway is Intense Rainbow. I love it!

tvanwormer said...

Yes, I too am inspired by Peacockmom's amazing work.....and will start a "hitchie" for my Primetime Proect for June. Still trying to narrow down which yarn.....hmmm.

peacockmom said...

My head is swelling and my grin is ear to ear. So happy to get the ball rolling on the hitchies.

I like the design element idea and the yarn looks so pretty you can't go wrong.

Mini Mochi kept this from being a boring knit. I'll post the pics of purple one and you'll see what I mean. The rainbow stripes in the MM made all the difference between success of the finished item vs. dull (and kept my interest + sanity which I'd have lost with just the purple).