Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gift yarn

When I got back from Vermont, there was this lovely package waiting for me. It is two balls of Sausalito, color 8107, and the colors are a lot richer than the scan shows. It is a Merino/nylon blend, and it is hard to keep knitting what is currently on the needles and not immediately start this. Sigh, must be grownup and show some restraint. Thank you ever so much.

No project for this month. Went to Vermont for the Stowe Basketry Festival. It's the 20th anniversity. I missed the last two years (health), but this is the 17th year I've gone. It was great to catch up with old friends. If you want to see the baskets that were offered, go to http: www.roundhearth. com /files/ pg33 2011%20 SBF%20 Classes%20 and%20 Descriptions-final dot pdf - take out spaces and change dot to a period, hope I typed that correctly. If not, just google it if you are interested. But between seven days of weaving, five days of travel, and homework (still have one basket I'm rimming), project did not get done. At least this is not the first month I missed this year - otherwise I'd be staying up to finish this pair of socks. Instead, I'm catching up on stuff and resting, as it's off to Wyoming next week to dig fossil fish and make some jewelry.

Hope it is going well with everyone else. Regards, aj

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