Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purple Rain Scarf

Almost didn't make it in time for June...I actually thought today was the first, and was all ready to post this as July, even though I finished last night!!
Just a little short of the 300 I made a
headband. Both are made out of Taos # 19....on size 10 needles. I wanted to make a matching raindrop hat...but did not have enough.
Pattern is:

Shizuku 雫 for scarf &

Easy Cabled Headband....for the headband ( with liberties taken on both!)
you can see my project page for this: Purple Rain
NOTE: THIS THING STRETCHES WHEN BLOCKED...what started out as a 62" shawlette became an 84" scarf. My daughter Sarah will love it, though.
My Mods: Made it a boat shaped shawlette -- Increased for 17 drops ( 8 rows per pattern)…stayed the same for 28 drops, then decreased for 17 drops. Pattern as written is triangular. I ended up with 62 raindrops.

Purple Rain ended up weighing 110gr -- 282 yds ( About 2.2 skeins) and headband added another 32 -- total of 314

**I did so want to make a hat with the left over yarn...just so I could call it Purple Rainhat! ......*I might have enough for a baby hat with little raindrop tassles, though....hmmmmm.... will post as an addendum if I do!!

This color of this wonderfully soft yarn reminds me of boysenberry pie. Yummy. Really yummy.

Tracy Van Wormer

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peacockmom said...

Wonderful. Lucky Sarah. :) I like the boat shaped improvements and will try to do that with mine as well. Thanks for the info on how to do it.