Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prime Time KAL-June

Well I finally got a project finished for June, but it's a little short on yardage. June was a really rough month knitting-wise for me, I'm hoping that once you read my tail of woe you might cut me a little slack! I've definitely been working hard - I knit constantly - but nothing seemed to be working out all that well.

I started three sweaters this month, and all of them got frogged, in varying stages. The first attempt was "Madrigal" from Twist Collective. I will definitely revisit this again, but my short rows were less than stellar (must practice more) and this one hit the frog pond.

Can't remember attempt #2, but #3 was a striped sweater using cotton yarn that had been hiding in my stash. It was bottom up in the round, and I got all the way to attaching the sleeves and doing about 2" of the body before I realized that it was way too big (darn cotton yarn and gauge) and this one also hit the frog pond. It would have been beautiful though *sniff*

Oh and now I remember project #2, it was actually part of my now finished project. #2 was a mystery sock pattern that I decided to use this really cool skein of handdyed SweetGeorgia fingering merino. Unfortunately there were 2 sizes in the pattern (who does this? seriously!) and of course I picked the larger size and it was too big. That and the pattern was super complicated and a little beyond me for a sock at this point. So, that one hit the frog pond as well.

The final (and actually finished) project is the Chevron Lace Fingerless Mitts from Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders. Great pattern, I highly recommend it. I really like the picot edging on both the bottom and top edges. I love learning new stitches, it's fun.

Here's the mitts in progress:

And here's finished:

As I said, sort of short on yardage, I think I'm at about 250yds :( but it's the 30th, and nothing else is getting done tonight! LOL

Ah well, on to July. Onward and upwards!

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adrienne said...

sorry, judy! :( but look at it this way, you have a headstart on july!