Tuesday, August 2, 2011

july...last minute like everyone else!

it's taken me several months to finish bertha!

bertha progress

now, just need to weave in the ends and block....

bertha unblocked

i used noro sock...but it was totally stringy and scratchy! not soft and silky like mini mochi or sausalito. i am so spoiled.


Kate said...

It looks great. I felt some Noro the first time ever this week. I was not impressed. So scratchy. Same for Kauni. Pretty, it's not soft either. Crystal Palace is doing it right.

tvanwormer said...

The colors are lovely. The pattern looks like fun. But....crap, I just ordered some Noro. Oh Bother.

peacockmom said...

I have only used Noro silk garden for the rooster scarf, and once it was washed it was very soft. Chris wears it around his neck and said it isn't scratchy at all. Be sure you wash it before blocking and then use a bit of softener or hair conditioner in the rinse.

I have never used the sock garden and probably won't. I do love the MM in all forms. I didn't have any when I needed to make the rooster and did have some Noro I had bought before I joined this group from an Aussie Rav knitter. Then I had to find more from another Aussie knitter since we can't buy it here. Glad I did since I found it is a nice yarn (so far). But of course, so is MM!!!