Friday, August 5, 2011

rooster raindrops Shizuku scarf for moi

This was a wonderful use for the 2 extra skeins left from the rooster scarf. Free pattern on Rav by Angela Tong. I enlarged the pattern by adding 2 more drops beyond the midline (total of 4 extra drops) and had 15 gms left from the 2 skeins. 64" tip to tip after blocking. Great pattern and I will make another one with some handspun I made years ago and dyed in blues and greens (surprise, surprise). :)


tvanwormer said...

I love your shizy.......the colors are wonderful. And the exra width is a bonus -- love the "shawl" collar!

peacockmom said...

Thanks, Tracy. :) The project result was really a pleasant surprise. I'm keeping it and will make another one for a gift. The shawl collar worked out and the Razzle shawl pin Debbie's daughter made is perfect in weight (+ I love it and use it a lot) to keep it in place.