Monday, September 29, 2008


Thank you so much for letting me join you!
I am an Art History student working nearly full time with an asset management company here in Copenhagen. This leaves far too little time for knitting, so I really need to get started on the Christmas presents now. I don't have any family, but it's such a joy to me that there's an increasingly longer list of people (and cats) to knit for.

On the list:
1: Scarf for J. I have decided on Henry from Knitty using a lovely silk/baby alpaca blend in black. 800 meters, close to 80.000 stitches. I hope he'll appreciate it.
2: Sweater for J. I have a lovely organic and fair trade cotton and have cast my eyes on a VK pattern, but the name escapes me. This is actually a very belated birthday sweater, which I started thinking about in July, but have not yet cast on for.
3: Hemlock Ring Blanket for lovely friend and colleague C. I have yet to find the right yarn.
4: Sweater for Siamese wondercat Laurenz.
5: Sweater for Oriental wondercat Vincent.
I've been threatening to knit them sweaters for ages. And what do you give a cat who has all the toy mice he could possible ask for?
6: Sweater for JM. He's nearly 3 and will get the sweater with cats on it from Norsk Strikkedesign. He loves cats. He really loves cats!
7: Fetching fingerless gloves for JM's mother M.
8: Christmas stocking for L.
9: Christmas stocking for W.

Oh my, I'm going to get busy.

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