Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hi All,
I am excited to join this group to have some camaraderie. I started my first pair of house socks yesterday-- more like anklets because my dad doesn't believe in heat in the house until November. :-) Worsted weight wool on size 6's. I'm not sure if I'll continue sock knitting, I don't know if I have a passion for it.

I have a pair of mittens I've like to try-- and maybe a pair of fingerless gloves. The Lady's duet from KNITSCENE for the singing teacher. Pictures soon. (They say if you write things down they happen.)

Nice to meet you.

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Maria said...

I've tried writing things down but I'm not a believer yet! ha ha ! I have so many things I WANT to knit, and then there are the things I DO knit!....Nice to meet you, too!