Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hi all!

Hi all. My name is Shelly. I've been known since my first email addy as Kadezmom. For some stroke of (un)genius, I decided to try out a new name on Ravelry. I'm Momohair there. Bad joke. Bad Name. Will have it forever on Ravelry! I'm from Mn, and as the cold weather is quickly moving in, my needles are flying...trying to knit up holiday gifts, birthday gifts and stuff to keep my family warm. Naturally, this is all a self-imposed job. Good thing I love it! Yep, I'm about a 95% stay at home mom. I've gotta cram all I can in the next few years because they are growing up too fast.

Enough of the babble.

This is my hubby's hat. I started it a couple of days ago and finished it up during the Mizzou/Nebraska game. Due to the amount of arguments over calls, I might have another project done by the end of this game!!

Have a great weekend

The hat. 120 yds of Sublime.
by Shelly/Kadezmom/Momohair
start 10/2 done 10/4


debi's place said...

Are these pictures of the same hat? Being a progress and a complete picture?

You can change your name on ravelry by the way.

kadezmom said...

Yep. The had on the needles earlier this afternoon, and the final product on the big man's head.

Really? I never looked. I'm so gullible that I believed it when they said "be sure you like it cos once you choose it, you're that forever"

*smacks forehad*


debi's place said...

Ok I have you down for the yards.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.