Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ready, set....


it's been october 1st somewhere in our world for almost a day now! has anyone started?

i am still clueless but i am thinking i want to try making a pair of mitered windowpane socks. i will be selfish and will be making them as a gift to ME! me! mE! they look like they will be fun to knit.

i do have plans on making a herminone knit cap for niece, socks for dh and for dbil, maybe knit caps for my nephews, and a couple of scarves, just for heck. i doubt that i will finish all of these. i never do.

just a reminder that you have to be signed up by midnight (somewhere in the world) tonight to qualify for the welcome drawing. of course, you're welcome to join later as long as there is still room.

adrienne who has her yarn wound into a pretty cake, readying needles, and checking out the instructions


tapmouse said...

So where are your pics? Have I missed them?

debi's place said...

Pictures of the frog pond are not pretty. Guessing that is why. Hoping we will see a picture soon.

adrienne said...

pics got posted today (10-7). i didn't want to show the frog pond and all my pitchers.