Saturday, January 31, 2009

52 Week Challenge

Whew, almost didn't get my pics downloaded to my comp, since the comp decided it didn't want to. Thank heaven for alternative means and sheer luck that I had them!
I based them on the cool pattern seen here before, but I added 10 stitches to each row and 7 rows to each color block, which explains why my yardage is different than others who have made them. I am figuring 400+ yards, as I used 99% of one 223yd skein (Paton's Classic Wool), 90% of another, and maybe 5% of the 3rd one (whatever it needed to make 4 squares). Next time, I will follow the pattern... well, maybe, lol. They are a hair wide for me, but that's okay :o) In the meantime, I have started a felted hat; it won't have enough yardage on it's own for February, but I want to try another pair of felted slippers and those will make it up. Love all the posts and projects!

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