Wednesday, January 28, 2009

52 wk progress for Jan

Hi, I finished the dish cloth, wintery cowl so far. The Noro scarf is proving to be a pain for me. It is so deceptively simlpe that you lose track of rows and stitches sometimes. This project makes me so over their colorways! Part of the reason is too that in the middle of cool colors the put in plive green (see where the pen is?) So, I have ripped out this easy silly thing more times than I can count. I will also need to use 2 more skeins because it should have been 3 feet for two balls and it "so WAY isn't! My LYS says I am competing for most perfectionistic and person most likely to be in the frog pond!!!!! Here I come Adrienne! I hope to post the mitts and the dish scrubbie done by the 4th of Feb.
I used 250 yards with the next size up neddle for the cowl.
The dish cloth was 50gr. but no yardage on the ball band.
The scarf is already 200 meters (no yardage on band either.) Two more balls to go.
P.S. Knit On! Is it posible to change the fingerless mitts into fingered ones? My niece changed her mind yesterday. I have never made gloves. Is it easier to start again with a pattern than do the math?



adrienne said...

why is my name associated with the frog pond? hmmm?! grab a glass! i have the pitcher filled and ready to go!

jdhforjc said...

It is not me but others! I just added a comment! They seem to think you have set up a patio set outside with food, drinks and everything!
Love (really)

debi's place said...

That is because Adrienne is at the frog pond so much, she made it comfy for all.

Yes you can change fingerless mitts to fingered but yes there will be math.

adrienne said...

i blame it all on debi. i have names all my frogs after some form of her name!

why, i haven't frogged anything since ... yesterday! :oP

mtannie said...

Oh, wow, I LOVE the cowl (and your model is adorable too)! Please share the name of the yarn, the pattern and where you found it, or did you wing it? That is just SO yummy (want my mailing addy, lol?)!