Thursday, January 29, 2009

A New Project--52 Week Challenge

This is the start of a pair of socks. These are "You and Me Socks" designed by Debbie O'Neill. I started these on January 25, 2009, using Trekking (XXL). These are certainly not the first pair of socks that I've ever started, but they WILL be the first pair of socks that I've completed.

Now, here's my question: Do I need to finish these by the end of January in order to count towards the 52 week challenge? I don't now about doing that!!


adrienne said...

you get credit for the project the month you finish it.

the only stipulation is that the project had to be have been started on or after january 1st, 2009. this allows all of you to work on a long term project during the kal if you want.

pretty color.

adrienne said...

i see you've finished the mittens so you need to finish another project that uses at least 75 yards to reach minimum mileage for credit. in progress projects do NOT count towards that month's yards. maybe knit a quick dishcloth?

sailorcross said...

A dishcloth I can do by the end of the month!! And then the socks could be for February!!

Thanks for straightening me out on this!! I was just a little confused!!

And another question--Oh, I know I'm a pest--should I post the start and finish of the dishcloth as an edit to the mittens or as a whole new post?


adrienne said...

probably better to do a new post but please remind me of the mittens in case i forget. even better, just repost the picture of the mitts the same time that you show your dc and give me one total for the month's mileage.

i get easily confooseded... grin.