Monday, February 9, 2009

Finally I say

Thank you!!!

This is the book that I won waaaaayyy back for finishing a project, and the yarn is from the Carefree KAL, Panda Silk (don't have it with me to find the colorway), which is even more gorgeous in person than in pictures. It's soft, it's sleek, it's just....just....perfect. I was one of the finalists and got to choose the yarn I wanted.

I've been doing a lot of knitting this year, mostly for me, because it's been so nasty cold in my part of the country and I needed hats and a neckwarmer and legwarmers and all kinds of stuff, but I never have all my photos on the same computer and keep forgetting to post when I have them. Today I only have a photo of the legwarmers on this computer; everything else is on my laptop at home.

I have to run, so I'll just say that these are over-the-knee height that slouch over the ankles and still end up knee socks. I'm going to take the foot off because it's made of chunky yarn and doesn't fit in my clogs; I'll end up with the footless version of the pattern. I'm making them of Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn, chunky, in the Pink Dot colorway, at least 232 yards in the first one alone.




kadezmom said...

Wow. that's a lot of sock! I keep threatening to make tall socks, but I haven't followed through yet.

rita said...

It's an awful lot of sock. A scary amount. But it's so nice and warm! When I take off the foot (just past the heel) there will still be the entire leg, which slouches over my ankle so nicely!

But it's take an awfully long time to finish them!!!

mtannie said...
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mtannie said...

That was my delete, my computer had edited out stuff, ugh! Anyway, that's why I wanted to learn to knit socks, to make knee socks. Ha, none of the pairs I have made yet are knee socks.
I have that book, cute patterns, although I have only made the elf socks/slippers so far, need to post a pic here to share. Although they aren't in any of the knitalongs, they are a kick!

kadezmom said...

I love your yarn choice too. I'm even lazier....I haven't taken a pic of my yarn yet, which I also love. I got soy in evening blues. I've been scouring patterns looking for the perfect one. After my dd's bday, I'm hoping I'm next on my sock list!!! Enjoy! And yes, now Panda Silk is on my wish list. This wish list of mine is getting quite long! ACK!

rita said...

For a year now, I've only made socks for myself. It's easy to fit them to my own feet!

I messed up on the colorway of my knee socks; it's Claudia's Plumicious. The toe of the one is Pink Dot. Close enough that I could get by with it, but that part'll come out when I shorten the foot.