Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prize yarn arrived way down under

Thanks to Susan Druding for the gorgeous Crystal Palace Yarns grand prize which arrived on Lincoln's 200th birthday here. :) It is even prettier in person than any photos show and has a lovely hand to it. I know I will enjoy knitting with it and look forward to ordering more in the future. My Aussie friends will undoubtedly be wanting some as well.

The Joyful will be used for Adrienne's Round Robin's House pattern which is my all time favorite and what first brought her talents to my attention. I will knit it with a joyful heart, believe me!
I will use the Nightshade for Fred with a pattern yet to be decided, and will use any leftovers for stripes in another pair of socks for his air show collection.

The 2nd red sock is 10 rows short of being grafted and then the custom YFM socks will be cast on with the cream patonyle that also arrived yesterday. I can hardly wait to finish them so I can do MY socks with the Joyful. :)

Thanks also to all of the ladies who make this wonderful KAL happen. It is a joy to "meet" other knitters who share their projects, ideas, and photos. I will post pics as soon as our camera is repaired in Perth.

Cheers to all of you from way down under where our peachicks are thriving and living happily with the roos and our corgi, Razzle.

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