Thursday, February 12, 2009

My 4 Day Shawl

Yep I started this on Sunday and I finished last night. Blocked it today. I will take better pictures but it is not a very pretty day outside. This was photo was taken on my bathroom floor because I hoped the tiles being 13" x 13" would give an idea to size.


Cathy said...

Beautiful!!! :-)

peacockmom said...

Your shawl is beautiful. 4 Days! WOW!!! What pattern and yarn is it? I guess I missed earlier post.

debi's place said...

Revontuli-huivi/ Northern Lights Shawl is the Shawl. The yarn is Kauni.

Thanks it was a fun knit.

It was a challenge as the yarn had many knots over 10 in one skein, I quit counting.

kadezmom said...


Don't you just hate that with the knots???

grandma07 said...

Your shawl turned out beautiful! Looks like I"ll be adding another pattern to my que :)