Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank You

I received this in the mail last Friday. But, I did not know what for as I did not win it or anything. Adrienne just told me MAZ donated her Carefree KAL prize to me. Thank You so much. It was such a surprise. Thanks again.

Thank You Susan for the yarns you donate to keep this KAL going.


adrienne said...

maz is a sweetheart!

pretty color!

kadezmom said...


Enjoy! I'm off to find that color way.

I'm too addicted.

mtannie said...

Very cool, both Maz and the yarn. :o)

maz said...

Sweetheart says: It was all about disproportional shipping cost and that I have been happy only to be honoured with a prize and have enjoyed it as well as Debi was for being rewarded for simply keeping up with accounting.

But if anyone Rockefeller feels inclined to give me some red or blue yarn in strong medium to dark colours, you should feel free to send it to me, lol. Not that I haven´t yet tons of yarn...