Sunday, March 29, 2009

2 more for March

A sad pair of socks in a way. I knitted these as Chemo Socks. I wanted a neighbor to have comfy feet. She has a lot of scarves so socks seemed to be what I could do to help. I used Adrienne's 'Round Robyn House pattern. But, I did them toe up. I thought that Ida should be able to see the bird houses from her view of her feet. I used a yarn that is both machine washable and dryable. I thought that way it was less stress on anyone doing her laundry. I hope she gets to wear them out and I have to knit her new ones that are not sad socks.
Then I did a pair for me. Found a pattern I loved and grabbed a yarn I had never tried but loved the color. Yarn was purchased to be a shawl. But, I am loving these socks. Not seen in picture but I did an EOP toe to match the heel. I Love these socks.
Well off to see what else to cast on. So many patterns...................


Brenda said...

Love those deep colours Debi, I am sure your friend will love her new socks and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Both patterns are really nice (now I have to add two more patterns to my must do list).

rita said...

I love those colors! What pattern did you use for the blue socks? It's gorgeous!

debi's place said...

Thanks for the kind comments.

Pattern used for the blue socks. Watch as row 9 is missing a yarn over.