Friday, April 3, 2009

52 week- March

Hi, here is March. Panda Soy socks from winnings of Olympic socks. Co 64 plain knit pair which I will never,never do again (about 365 yds!) It was totally boring and lots of pretties are coming my way! I can send another progress pic farther along if you want me to. One dishcloth for a wedding set (about 31 yds.), and finished childs Noro scarf (about 100 yds.) I put the progreess pics on so there is no hunting. As soon as I learn how to post better I will. Have a wonderful Easter season and happy April knitting.
P.S. I am feeling sooo much better. No more kidney stones (yeah- ouch!) or diverticulitis episodes or pre-menopause yuckies (for now) and I was not pregnant (yeah, Darin just got a vascectomy! Ha, ha that was close!) Thanks for the best wishes and prayers.


kadezmom said...

So glad you are feeling better :D

jdhforjc said...

thanks, back on the planet for the most part. Still may have some other problems but, they are managable.
go April projects!