Monday, March 30, 2009

52-Week Knitalong

Finally! I spent the last few hours trying to find the pattern for one of my projects this month, but no luck, argh! I really need it as I want to make an adult version to be felted; if it looks familiar to anyone, PLEASE let me know. The pattern contains intructions for both child and adult hats. Above are both in-progress (IP) and finished results. Since I have enough yardage with the next two projects, I am not even going to try and guess how much is in the hat.
Next, I have two new pairs of mittens; the paprika ones used 235yds, the green (with mohair this time!) used probably 220yds. I had the yardage wrong for the February green pair, (they were 210, not 190). I added a few rows to this green pair and they fit much better! It's amazing how much one teeny strand of mohair can change the appearance, both in fuzziness and color, as I used the same base colors in this green pair as I did the lst pair (which are also shown so you can see what I mean). Minimum total this month, 455yds (without the hat, lol).
Anyway, it's good to have last week over; there was a bomb threat at the grade school (no bomb, thank heavens, and the 8th grader responsible turned himself in the same day) where my youngest goes on Wednesday, then we had (180) sheep to be sheared on Saturday. We were short one shearer so it was an all-day affair (Meaning coffee breaks x2, lunch, and supper). The local nursing home/hospital/clinic where my mother-in-law is a resident might have to relocate around 20 residents in order to stay open. I hate the thought of any of them having to move, they are such a wonderful group of people. It stinks.
On an up-note, we were treated to a concert last Friday evening by the Dallas Brass band, with the 7th-8th grade band and the high school band getting to play with them for a few songs. If you ever have the opportunity to see them play, go! They are wonderful!

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peacockmom said...

Wonderful mittens. The hat looks really cute and I hope someone can come up with the missing pattern for you. I looked at the ravelry hat section and found a similar one, but it doesn't have the back section which I bet is nice to have in the cold air. Look up Diane Serviss and Not So Bulky Golden Compass Hood for free pattern.