Wednesday, March 25, 2009

52 week

Hi all. Please pray for me. I woke up at midnight last night with kidney stones. It was soo bad I could not even knit. So, I am way under the gun for March. I still don't know how you all do it! Half way down the leg on a second Panda Soy sock. I never thought I could be in just as much pain as child-birth with no baby to show for it! And all the pretty socks you are all doing for the book rock! Thank goodness I bought two emergeny pizzas grocery shopping yesterday. I just did not know I would use them the next night!
Knit on!


Cathy said...

Take care, Jody! Hope you're feeling better soon.


debi's place said...

I agree take care, hope your doing better soon.

mtannie said...

Jody, how are you feeling? I hope you are feeling better now, how painful!