Sunday, March 22, 2009

RRH socks finished

The socks took 86 gms of the 100 gm ball of Patonyle, so close to the 400 yds Adrienne calls for in the pattern. Fred calculated 354 yds. I wear a US size 6 shoe to give you an idea of the size of my sock. I also decreased the heel/sole by 4 sts and used a 2.00mm below the ankle and a 2.25mm above. (Adrienne helped me customize the fit and I'm thrilled that they fit "like a glove".)
This little gem of a pattern really improved my sock knitting and I know I will enjoy knitting more RRH socks for gifts. Some day I hope to teach Georgia Peach to knit socks and this pattern will be the ultimate goal.


Brenda said...

Those are lovely. I really like the stitch definition and of course what a beautiful blue yarn. Nice Job. I will have to go look up Patonyle Yarn now.

debi's place said...

Very nice job. Wow they look wonderful. I am knitting the same pattern and my do not look that good.

Julie said...

These are really nice :)